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Roar, 16.09.2014

Hello Ernesto Travel!

I would like to express in writing how pleased we are with the service and help that we got from Gosia Zielina (our tour leader)! She is by far the best travel/tour leader we have experienced and also a very kind person with enormous knowledge about Kraków. It was much to her merit that we had such a joyful stay in Kraków.

To us, her knowledge and her service minded attitude made our stay extremely successful! I know that some of the youth got tired during a day, but Gosia has a very fine way of talking to them that we appreciated. She has a very good sense of humor and was not afraid to use it!
Gosia: I think that our youth needs a bit more physical challenges and less Playstation maybe, haha.

Anyway, all guided tours and transport coordinations went smoothly and Gosia was there for us all the time also when not doing a guided tour.

My colleagues and I present her our highest remarks of appreciation! We´ll miss her!

Finally, I will also give my appreciation to you at Ernesto Travel for outstanding service and help with planning our trip! Dagmara Nanus and Dagmara Trojan have both been very helpful and service minded more than what to expect. All our wishes and demands have been fulfilled to an extant one cannot wish for more!
Quick email responses and availability for us as a customer.

On behalf of all the students and adults,

Roar Helle